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Mining Activities

DVC started its mining activities in 1951 by acquiring captive coal mine at Bermo, District: Bokaro, Jharkhand from the Indian Railway to meet the coal requirement of Bokaro-A Thermal Power Station.

To meet coal requirement of new power plants coming under capacity addition programme during 10th and 11th Five Year Plans, DVC got allocation of three coal blocks namely, Barjora (North), Khagra Joydev and Kasta (East) from Ministry of Coal, Government of India in 2005. Kasta (East) coal block was surrendered by DVC being uneconomical. Subsequently, Ministry of Coal allocated two more coal blocks i.e. Gondulpara coal block alloted jointly to DVC and Tenughat Vidyut Nigam Ltd. of Jharkhand for mining and sharing the production equally and Saharpur-Jamarpani coal block.

To raise coal from the newly acquired coal blocks, a joint venture company named DVC EMTA Coal Mines Ltd, was formed by DVC with M/s Eastern Minerals & Trading Agency (EMTA). Barjora (North) coal block started producing coal from March 2011 by the JV Company. All the statutory clearances have been received for Khagra Joydev coal block but coal production could not be started due to issue with land acquisition.

Performance of Bermo Mines

Year Target Coal Production (Tonnes) Actual Coal Production(Tonnes)
2011 – 2012 300000 328321
2012 – 2013 300000 203055
2013 – 2014 300000 53748

Performance of Barjora (North) coal block

Year Target Coal Production (Tonnes) Actual Coal Production (Tonnes)
2011 – 2012 770000 1165532.00
2012 – 2013 1600000 1836004.48
2013 – 2014 3000000 1519344.71